High Carbon Brake Discs

In addition to the standard and GEOMET coated brake discs, NIPPARTS offers a special range of High Carbon brake discs. 


High Carbon brake discs have excellent casting properties. The material have a more granular grain structure that improves heat dissipation. This reduces heat distortion, judder and cracking under heavy use. Result: vibration-free braking, better braking deceleration, durability and better straight-line stability.
The High Carbon range contains front brake discs for popular medium cars like Hyundai Getz and Mazda 3. But the discs are also ideal when there is a need for extra brake performance, so discs for Toyota Rav4, Nissan Qashqai and Mitsubish Pajero are also included. 
Water pump kits

Nipparts is expanding is product range with a new product line: DISTRIBUTION KIT INCLUDING THE WATER PUMP.

  • Mechanic always the correct parts for a perfect and trouble free repair
  • Only OE matching and fitting parts guarantee quality
  • Widest range of kits available in the market with 45 special kits
  • Lower price compared to ordering separate parts

All kits are in stock and can be ordered as of today.